Weight Loss Surgery In Dubai

GOLDEN RULES for successful long-term weight loss

  1. Develop a structured eating plan
  2. Plan meals at regular intervals during the day and make sure you eat at the designated times

  3. Eat slowly and chew thoroughly
  4. Plan 30 minutes for a meal. Chew every bite at least 25 times.

  5. Stop eating as soon as you start feeling full
  6. Listen to and respect your satiety. Don’t overeat!

  7. Give up liquid calories and calorie-dense foods
  8. Juices, soda, alcohol, ice-cream, milkshake, smoothie, custard, chocolate, creamy sauce… Avoid also carbonated drinks.

  9. Drink between meals
  10. Stop 30 min. before and resume drinking 30 min. After your meal. Drink a minimum of 2 litres per day.

  11. Give priority to proteins
  12. Have a source of protein at every meal. Start eating proteins, then vegetables/fruits, then some carbohydrates

  13. Do physical activity or exercise regularly
  14. Recommendation: 30 to 60 min. per day, 5 to 6 days of the week. Highly recommend using a trainer in the beginning

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