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Bariatric app launched ASMBS launches Essentials app for bariatric surgery

After two years of collaboration, the Essentials of Bariatric & Metabolic Surgery Taskforce of the ASMBS has launched the Essentials app. It includes everything any and every health provider needs to know when caring for patients from the beginning stages of considering weight loss surgery to the recovery process. It also serves as a review for the bariatric surgeon and certified bariatric nurse. The app is an educational programme for all professions caring for the bariatric surgery patient before, during, and after surgery; including general surgeons, anaesthesiologists, nurses, emergency physicians and primary care physicians.

“The idea is to make it easy and free for everyone to learn the fundamentals of bariatric and metabolic surgery and gets everybody on the same page,” said Dr Daniel B Jones, Chair of the ASMBS Essentials of Bariatric & Metabolic Surgery Task Force. “We introduce best practices and the importance of the multidisciplinary team, informed consent and good communication.”

Through compelling visuals and audio, optimised digital layouts and easy-to read language, the Essentials App shows how to recognise common surgical complications early, provides the latest information and data about surgical methods including sleeve gastrectomy and intragastric balloons, and outlines risk management strategies.

The Essentials App is also a comprehensive resource for MBSAQIP credentialing, personnel, and facilities, top articles from SOARD, ASMBS Guidelines, case studies, best practice recommendations and diet recommendations.

“With the growth of bariatric surgery and the emergence and popularity of some relatively new procedures, it is important that the range of healthcare providers that touch our patients have the most up-to-date and trustworthy information about optimal patient care,” said Dr Raul J Rosenthal, President of the ASMBS. “Everybody can get something out of this.”

Some of the modules used in the Essentials App were initially piloted via a website by Drs Dan Jones and Stephanie B Jones, an anaesthesiologist, at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston. The ASMBS sought to expand the content via an app about two years ago and created a multidisciplinary task force to do so. The ASMBS Foundation provided a grant.

The ASMBS Essentials of Bariatric & Metabolic Surgery Task Force will update the app throughout the year based on feedback and changes from users or new data or guidelines about metabolic and bariatric surgery.

This article was adapted from an article from the ASMBS website. To read this article, please click here

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